The benefits of having a colonic

What is the purpose of having a colonic?

Decrease toxic overload by:

  • Removing excess waste and gas from the colon
  • Softening old dehydrated toxic mucous matter which may be stuck to the walls of the colon
  • Stimulating the liver to release bile, one of the major routes of detoxification for the liver
  • Using implants to stimulate detoxification

Re-educate the large intestine:

  • Re-establishing more normal shape
  • Freeing the colon of old impacted materials, which may be impairing adequate peristalsis?
  • Alternating hot and cold water
  • Improves transit time

Remove intestinal parasites by:

  • Detecting them
  • Flushing them out

Increase Energy, Well Being & Motivation by:

  • Ensuring the client is not left feeling uncomfortable
  • Offering aftercare on lifestyle and diet

Why would we need colonics?

  • Bowel disorders (i.e constipation, diarrhoea,  ibs, bloating, flatulence, parasites, candida, colitis)
  • Digestive disorders (ie gastritis, ulcers, food allergies etc)
  • Obvious toxicity related conditions (i.e acne, gout, headaches, bad breath)
  • Parasite infestation (ie, candidiasis, fungal infections etc)

Colon Hydrotherapy enhances the following:

Energy, concentration, good skin, clear or bright eyes, strong nails, immune system, weight loss and a general feeling of being healthy